At Wan Sheng Hao, our goal is to create high quality facilities that meet our clients’ budgets, schedules and expectations. We achieve this by applying our core values into our day-to-day operations:

• Quality, Schedule & Cost Control

• Operational Efficiency

• Safety and regulatory compliant

We strive to work well with all our partners by developing strong working relationships with them - be it architects, main contractors, material suppliers or clients. Over the years, we have built up a good reputation with our partners as a reliable and technically competent sub-contractor.

We offer our clients a wide range of full service solutions, from pre-to-post construction.


  • Planning & consultation
  • Cost and schedule analysis
  • Earthworks / Foundation Works
  • Piling works


  • Design & Build
  • General Building
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Control
  • Schedule management
  • On-site safety training & supervision
  • Testing & Inspections

Post construction:

  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) support
  • O&M Manual consultation & development
  • Commissioning support

Specialized Expertise

Bridge design & construction

Our engineers and project managers have accumulated a wealth of expertise in the area of bridge construction. We have built many types of bridges – from pedestrian bridges to vehicular flyovers, and even taxiway bridges for aircraft . We also have a team of specialized crew for caisson works.

General building works

We are a BCA licensed Builder (GB1 - General Building Works – Class 1). We undertake many types of general building works for all kinds of projects. For example, we have constructed community spaces for senior citizens and residents in Pasir Ris.

Road works

From carrying out earthworks to paving, we have to-date built more than 10 km of roads and 26000 m2 of car park spaces across Singapore. Some road works projects completed by us include the 1.8 km Defu Flyover completed in 2009 and the extension of a temporary heavy vehicle park in Tampines Avenue 9/10 completed in 2010.

Drainage Works

We have the technical capability to carry out drainage works projects of all scales. We have a dedicated department consisting of a section head and a team of specialized crew who specialize in caisson works. In 2004, we were the sub-contractors that constructed a 45m wide drainage system at Changi.

Sanitary & Plumping Works

In 2009, we set up a division specializing in sanitary and plumping. Our specialized crew for piping works are trained to operate our in-house equipment and machinery such as water plumps and membrane systems.

Piling Works

We are licensed to carry out piling works – from R.C. piling as part of foundation works to caisson piling for bridges to steel piling. Our staff are trained to carry out piling works in a safe manner, using our in-house machines to carry out the piling works. One of the challenging tasks we undertook was in 2009, when we constructed a 60 metre depth caisson pile for a vehicular flyover at Defu to the satisfaction of our main contractor and our client.